Our Rates

Our approach to fees is to offer affordable monthly rates determined up front for the year to allow you to understand the service you will be receiving and budget for your costs in advance.  We do not intend on changing our quoted prices for minor variations from the agreement for additional assistance or advice, unless we determine that the variation will result in a significant amount of additional work.
Rates from:
(incl. VAT excl. payroll)
Small R500   per month
Small to Medium R1,150   per month
Large R2,200   per month
Corporate (Larger) R3,000   per month
Rates from:
1 - 5 employees R200   per run (month/week)
6 - 10 employees R350   per run (month/week)
11 - 20 employees R550   per run (month/week)
21 - 30 employees R700   per run (month/week)
31 - 40 employees R800   per run (month/week)
41 - 50 employees R900   per run (month/week)
Rates from:
Individual annual income tax R250   per return
Individual provisional tax R250   per return
CC/Company provisional income tax return R250   per return
CC/Company annual income tax return R575   per return
Rates from:
Registration of a new close corporation R400   per registration
Close corporation annual return
(<R50 Turnover)(Not incl. late penalties)
R250   per return
All quotes above are estimates and are subject to a transaction assessment.